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3 tips for good public speaking

Each of us has been in the role of the public speaker at least once. Many of today's studies confirm that performing in front of an audience is a problem for most people. The term "nervousness" is well known to all of us when it comes to public speaking,

transcendence nervousness is the foundation of good public speaking.

Overcoming anxiety and fear is crucial therefore

it is the first point for a good public appearance.

Before counseling, we should get better acquainted with the term nervousness. Anxiety is a type of fear that is felt related to a specified situation (in this instance public appearance) that the subject estimates to exceed his or her capabilities. The basis is the fear of failure.

The main reason for anxiety is socio-psychological. The speaker is primarily afraid of his reputation or cares about the opinions of others, as well as to meet their expectations.

Suggestions for overcoming the fear of public appearances:

  • Memorize a few short sentences, this will help you not to get confused at the very beginning of your presentation/speech.

  • Make a diverting introduction, people like to hear interesting examples, as well as witty stories related to the topic you are talking about.

  • Try your speech, ask someone close to you to help you, listen to you, and express your opinion about your speech.

  • Get acquainted with space where you will hold your public performance, it has been proven that in the space we know we feel safer and more relaxed.

  • Admit to the audience that you are nervous, it will lead to your relief, and will leave a strong impression on your audience, will connect with you on the level of experience.

  • Start your speech with a smile and establish eye contact with people in the audience, this signaling that you are confident in your performance.

  • Emotionally prepare yourself for criticism, remember that even the best speakers have their critics and that people find criticism for them too.

Good preparation is the next....

There is no substitute for good and thorough preparation! Take enough time before your performance to prepare well. Take into account the following elements of public appearance:

  • Gather facts and information, before the performance it is important that you are well acquainted with the content you will talk about, connect your knowledge with practical examples.

  • Determine what you are going to say, define the goal of your performance, whether you want to influence the listener or inform them, interest them, or inspire them. Use the "3" rule, which means that most people cannot receive and adopt more than three new ideas in a short time.

  • Make a plan and structure of speech, the structure will allow you the continuity and guidelines of your speech, creates the conditions for things to be communicated effectively, which will make your performance as a whole and balanced.

  • Make a reminder, each of us happens to block during the performance so that your speech has a nice flow and you feel safer making reminders is a great idea.

  • Use visual aids, the use of visual aids contributes to the perception of persons is greater. Research shows that it takes 40% less time to understand a message with the help of visual stresses.

Above in the previous chapters, we agreed that overcoming nervousness and good preparation is necessary for a good performance. Also, the performance should be loud enough to be heard by the people in the back rows. In the beginning, it is desirable to inform the listeners about how long the performance will last and when there will be breaks. Occasionally ask a rhetorical question or change the intonation and dynamics of speech (to attract passive attention).

Be natural, show enthusiasm, honesty, and conviction in what you say, build your style, because it is more important than any preparatory technique.

We wish you all the best of luck,

your ''The Business Psychology'' team.

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