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5 ways we communicate

As we know, what distinguishes us from other living worlds is the possibility of communication. In one day we say about 7,000 thousand words.

In the 21st century, in the century of social networks, communication itself had to follow this trend. We have started to access virtual communication more and more. According to statistical data from 2019, we spend on average about 2 hours and 23 minutes in one day. According to us, we spend approximately 25-35 minutes in one day on the messenger.

In addition to communication through social networks, we have other types of communication.

Intrapersonal communication

Each of us at least once found himself in a situation where he caught himself talking to himself, and don't worry you're not crazy😆 it's an intrapersonal way of communicating.

This mode of communication is rejected by the semi idea➡ thinking➡ thinking ➡acting.

We are in this communication both the one who sends the message and the one who receives that message. The positive sides are better self-awareness, getting to know your personality and a deeper look at different life situations.

When you look at these positive sides, it is very important to be in communication with yourself, that is how we nurture our spirit and we should apply this type of communication every day.

Nonverbal communication

Nonverbal communication, one of the most popular topics of today’s speakers. It always happens when we are in contact with another person. We use nonverbal signals to show our thoughts, emotions and attitudes.

In non-verbal communication we literally communicate with our body, gestures, facial expressions, touch, body position.

Hand and body movements in communication- the goal of these movements is to gain support or to draw attention to verbal communication. A special type of speech is the movements of touching one's own body.

  1. Hand on nose - which is associated with the expression of fea

  2. Finger on the lips- which is sometimes associated with shame or inhibition

  3. Covering the eyes - which is associated with shame and negation

  4. Curling hair-which is associated with a narcissistic tendency and a complaint that other people do not pay enough attention to them

  5. Playing with a ring - can sometimes be interpreted as a marital conflict

Verbal communication

It is a communication that takes place through words. Information can be transmitted in written and oral form. Oral communication is that which is realized through speech, while written communication is realized through words and symbols.

In verbal communication, a person can be observed through the level of education. character traits, upbringing, inclinations and interests.

This type of communication involves at least two or more interlocutors.

Active listening and assertive communication

Listening and speaking skills are the basis of any communication. We learn these skills as children, but it is necessary to upgrade them throughout life. We consider this topic very important, which is why we will deal with it in more detail in the blog "Active listening and assertive communication".


''Good communication is the bridge between confusion and clarity.''

Nat Turner

Your ''The Business Psychology '' team!

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