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Stress and how to reduce it?

In this world where everything is fast, where we face new everyday challenges, where we have to handle every situation that society imposes on us and we are expected to deal with it well, it is very important how to take care of our mental and physical health.

What is actually stress?

Stress is actually the result. It is the result of our personal assessment (bad or good) of the increased or aggravated demands imposed on man through everyday life.

In fact, we estimate that on the one hand there are difficult possibilities (impossibility) to overcome the requirements.

Since experiencing stress is influenced by our perception, each of us will have a different situation and a different intensity will be more stressful. It is the same with overcoming a stressful situation, something different will help each of us to overcome a stressful situation.

We suggest....

First let’s look at how we think in a stressful situation, some of us are more pessimistic and some more optimistic in such situations. Of course we can find everywhere how we should look at the situation we are in from a brighter side, and we agree that it is good and healthier for ourselves at that moment. No matter how bad you feel and not being optimistic in a stressful situation also fine. Accepting the situation as it is at that moment, as well as the feeling, are reflections of allowing yourself to feel bad. Go slowly step by step accepting, allowing, overcoming! Be aware that this is a process and that you need to practice this on a daily basis!

But what can I do the moment I find myself in a stressful situation???

That is a very good question. Which you can even ask yourself when you find yourself in a stressful situation at that moment. Why? Because then you put yourself in the position of looking for a solution to a given situation and at that point you can rationally come up with the best possible solution for you.

After you do this you can pay attention to your breathing at that moment. With a deep exhalation and inhalation on the psychic plane, you will feel as if you are getting rid of weight, also this technique reduces the pulse, which automatically returns us to a physically calm state. Speakers use the breathing technique to release themselves before the performance. So keep that on mind.

Talk to your friends, family, people you feel safe with and know they will understand you. The moment you share your feelings and because of the check you feel stressed, with someone close you will automatically feel flattered. That's why we have family and friends to share our worries with, so to say it's easier to take a table in the prayers, it's the same when you feel stressed.

The moment you feel stressed you can do what you like best. Some like to listen to music, some like to cook, some like to train, some like to be alone ....

What relaxes us the most in such situations is hanging out with our pets😊🐶🐱

Although we experience stress on a daily basis and each of us, we swim well in it. Stay well and healthy!


Until the next blog your ''The Business Psychology'' team!

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